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The Wildcard - Submission #79

…save the viaducts, reinstate the tidal mudflats for the sake of the earth and for the use of all communities

viaduct summons connotations of freeways, yet the Dunsmuir and Georgia viaducts were built to pass over tidal waters, as bridges do, adding spatial complexity to the city

Dunsmuir and Georgia bridge over an inhospitable terrain, difficult for anyone to inhabit save the skateboarders and the cars

it is this landscape that divides the communities, as well as their fundamental socio-economic and cultural differences

the environment suffers when structures with such high embodied energy are cast aside while they are yet viable and well used

Vancover needs to redress its priorties. There are enough condoniums. There has been enough development and enough hard surfaces

the water struggles in a landscape which will not allow it access to the earth

let the Earth breathe …

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