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Connecting the Core - Submission #143

‘We should turn all the weakness points of the district to our advantage
by imaging is renewal into an eco-district, attractive and smart.
We imagined a new landscape made of efficient hills covering the different railways implantations,
binding this district to the rest of the city while giving it a new image, a new identity.

This project came up after an analysis of the 'flats' area, an isolated industrial district located in the heart of Vancouver.
Several issues and facts are restraining this district from a dynamic and healthy developement.

Under the preceding century, the industrial revolution and the pioneers contributed to give a strong dynamism this district has now lost.
We should give back to this lost industry its one time glory.

The railway footprints have cut the district within long plane and mono orientated strips East-West.
The district must be connected to the city again. The creation of North-South crossing streets are a requirement

The district is an addition of elements without any connection to each other. Warehouses, office buildings, railway stations and public
equipments are laid down without any coherence. From a marginal district we could imagine an eco-district proud to use sustainable energy.

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