Submission Gallery

Below are the submissions which were received during the re:CONNECT competition. Click on an image to view the submission in full, and to vote and comment on it.

Submissions are displayed in the order they were received.

Connecting the Core

This component of the competition seeks high-level ideas for the future of Vancouver’s Eastern Core. Design solutions should seek creative, BIG PICTURE opportunities that envision a sustainable and innovative future.

Visualizing the Viaducts

This component of the competition seeks conceptual design ideas for the land currently occupied by the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts or for the structures. All ideas are encouraged.

The Wildcard

This category considers ideas that push the envelope of creativity in a specific and detailed way. Applicants are encouraged to focus on one element or idea which could revolutionize the way people think about this area of the city.


Submissions which did not meet the regular submission criteria.